Julia & Philip Family – Stockholm City Session

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you’ve seen, and the memories you’ve made along the way.

I have learnt that no matter when you are from, when you begin to live in a certain place for a period of time, that place becomes a special part of you. The sights, the sounds, the people, all become an unspoken part of your life. In simpler terms, the place we live becomes the backdrop of our lives which we paint over day after day!


Julia and Philip are childhood sweethearts who fell in love, married and today they have two amazing kids. Years ago, they moved from Poland and today Stockholm is their home.


Julia shared with me that she wanted some family pictures in some of Stockholm’s prominent landmarks since this city is special for their family. It inspired me to come up with the ‘Stockholm City Session’!

One lovely Sunday afternoon, I requested the family to come to Kungsträdgården!

Kungsträdgården in Swedish means ‘King’s Garden’. It is the heart of Stockholm, bustling with life, culture, cafes and concerts. That’s where we started our photo walk!


Casper, Julia’s son, is a football player just like his dad. I was told the father and son spend most evenings playing football together. I realised that’s the bond I wanted to capture for the family. So I let them play, sat back and captured these moments!

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We then crossed over the Strömborn bridge. Riksdagshuset, Sweden’s Parliament house was a perfect backdrop!

Riksdagshuset in the background

Just a little further was the Kungliga Slottet, the Royal Palace!


The Kungliga slottet, evening sunshine and Riksdagshuset all composed themselves so perfectly in this picture!

Kungliga slottet and Riksdagshuset in the background

As the family marched on the bridge, the National museum was hard to miss!

National Museum


Skeppsbron was our next stop!


The yachts, ferries and the glistening water ways are what makes Stockholm ‘the Venice of the North’!


As Julia and Philip stood there looking into each other’s eyes, totally rapt in the moment… It felt as if time stood still!

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Stortorget, Swedish for the ‘Big Square’, is the oldest square in Stockholm. It’s well known for its Christmas market and the prominent buildings number 14-22, which you will find on postcards and fridge magnets. That’s where we went next.


We finally made it to the medieval alleyways and cobbled streets of Gamla Stan!

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Gamla Stan

The archaic north german architecture invariably takes one back in time!


This old town of Stockholm dates back to the 13th century. With the medieval and Renaissance architecture, Gamla Stan has been charming tourists for more than a century!


Photographing this wonderful family in this spot that has so much history and feel to it, was incredible!


The Viking caps placed outside the souvenir shops caught my eye. It occurred to me that it would sum up our afternoon in Stockholm and their time in Sweden so well!


We were almost done and we were walking on the Norrbro bridge that connects the Gamla Stan and the little island that houses the Riksdagshuset. Julia had mentioned that the Stockholms stadshus, aka Stockholm City Hall, is an important place for her since that’s where she wrote her nursing exam. From where we were, the City Hall fit the frame perfectly and made for a perfect picture!


Years from now, I do not know which part of the globe this family would be. But I believe these pictures would bring them back to this moment in time when they called Stockholm their home and revive their memories of this facinating city!

As a photographer, believe as important it is to capture the people we love and moments we cherish, it is important to capture the place, the city where our lives and moments happen!

I hope my ‘Stockholm City Session’ will be a perfect combination of the people you love + memories + places you have seen along your way in Stockholm!


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