Mj’s Wonder Women Series Feature #3: Ipshita Rajesh

I had a desire to photograph outdoors in urban spaces, classical dance forms that are usually performed on stage. The idea was at the back of my head for over a year. In the meantime I got acquainted with Ipshita. I had photographed her on a couple of occasions when she performed in Stockholm Musikaliska and the Stockholm Cultural Festival last year.
From the moment we first met for lunch at Cafe Schweizer at Gamla Stan, I felt an instant connection with her. Until that moment I had only seen her mesmerising performances. It was after meeting her, I discovered what made her performances so mesmerising. Ipshita’s passion for life and art is contagious. Her views on life and cultures always was thought-provoking and inspiring. The more I got to know her as a person over fika’s and a movie, I knew that this is a Wonder Woman whose story I need to share!

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Mj’s Wonder Women Series Feature #1: Gisele Almeida

I grew up in a little town within a gated community. We had no television at home. Not that we did not afford one, but just that my parents felt that it would be an unnecessary distraction for us kids. My brother and I rode to school in our bicycles. In fact the entire campus did. There were no malls or cinemas. Life was super simple and my dream… Well, I did not even know I could dream of a future. I had no clue about the outside world. Forget media and journalism. No one told me that I could pursue my passion. So like 70% of my peers, I landed in an Engineering college! The rest is a story for another day!

At 33 I discovered a passion in me, I pursued it, it freed me, empowered me, defined my identity and the journey since has been an exciting one!

That being my experience and as one who loves documenting stories, I wanted to put together a series titled ‘Wonder Women’ – photographs + real life stories of successful women who have chosen to pursue their passion. I hope these short stories will inspire girls, wives and moms, irrespective of age, background or education to DREAM and chase that dream!

Here, I am debuting my series with Gisele Almeida – a travel blogger and influencer! I photographed these pictures at the very scenic Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, Sweden!

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Ons Hm in Stockholm

 “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony

While I was on my mommy-break at Krakow, Poland, I received a message from Ons Hm. Ons Hm had mentioned that she read about me on the Local and asked me if we could collaborate on her visit to Stockholm. I was curious to know more about her. And boy, I was blown away when I got to know who she is!


Growing up, Ons Hm was always passionate about fashion and make-up. It was after the Tunisian Revolution, when the citizens of Tunisia were granted the freedom of expression, Ons Hm was urged to share her passion with the world through Youtube. She did and there she was – THE FIRST FEMALE HIJABI YOUTUBER OF TUNISIA!


Her subscribers multiplied. Before long, her channel crossed a hundred thousand subscribers! With the growing number of followers and young girls who looked up to her, Ons Hm realised here was her chance to inspire, encourage and motivate these precious girls to pursue their dreams.


Ons wanted to bring together her passion, influence and the need for education of rural Tunisian girls that was pressing her heart. And thus this young entrepreneur launched ‘the O Box’!


The O Box is a beauty box that consists of six beauty products for hands and face meticulously put together by talented Ons! You can watch her introduce the O Box here 🙂


Being successful is one thing. Being significant is another. One’s success is of greater significance when it makes a difference in other’s lives. And that’s the reason this O Box is significant – not just for its first class quality beauty products, but with each purchase of the O Box, a portion of its profit goes towards educating young girls in rural Tunisia!

Having fun while supporting a good cause is the greatest gift you can offer yourself!  So gift yourself the limited edition O Box today! Click here for purchase!


Meeting Ons El-Hammami and photographing her was personally a very inspiring experience for me. She has taught me to think beyond me, beyond my passions, to take off the limits, to look further, dream bigger and make a difference!

Strong women

You can follow Ons Hm on her Youtube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram!