Saraswathi Family 

A few years ago when KT, my eldest daughter, was a year old and my SIL’s second son was less than a year, both of our families crashed in at my parents-in-law’s house for a couple of months. With two toddlers, one kid and six adults, cooking became a herculean task. That’s when Saraswathi came to our rescue! Continue reading “Saraswathi Family “


Brown, Bold and Beautiful

Just the term “Charminar” flashes images bangles, saris, lights, Hyderabadi street food and swarms of shoppers and tourists! The sounds, the sights and the aroma of that area is an absolute treat to the senses!

What I enjoyed all the more was capturing the smile, the charm and radiant beauty of a brown-skinned young girl! Continue reading “Brown, Bold and Beautiful”