Claire & Karthik at Kraków

It was seven am that Monday morning. It had poured heavily the previous day. The rain left the cobbled streets of the Old Town Square wet, the air so fresh. The square that was packed with tourists, street artists, horse driven chariots and street vendors, was now empty and quiet. As I stood there savouring the quietness and the ancient charm of the square, I saw Claire and Karthik walk towards me! Continue reading “Claire & Karthik at Kraków”


Srilakshmi & Sriram Couple Session

For nearly a year, Srilakshmi and Sriram, worked in the same city and the same company in India. However they had no clue on each other’s existence, until destiny brought them to Sweden! Continue reading “Srilakshmi & Sriram Couple Session”

Sam + Jeni (Post-wedding)

True love comes once in a lifetime…open your eyes and your heart and see the miracle in front of you.

The love story of Sam and Jeni is one such – one many of us might have only read in books or watched in movies!

Jeni is smart, ambitious, intelligent and always cheerful. She has a long list of degrees and accolades from leading institutions in India and abroad.

Sam, also intelligent and ambitious, has a personality that cares for and cheers everyone around him. He is known for his love for food and dynamic culinary skills with which he can cook for large numbers!

Continue reading “Sam + Jeni (Post-wedding)”

The Wedding Story of Hannah & Ben + Post-Wedding Shoot

To ask people to pose for pics and go clicking is one thing. It is a whole different thing when you know the couple and their story. Hannah’s and Ben was one such!

I have known both of them over the last few years. Hannah and Ben, both graduated from the same college as mine! We got to know each other through our college Alumni Fellowship and we have had some great time together.

Hannah and Ben fell in love 4 years ago at the time of their graduation. Both were returning from a mission trip along with their friends and were parting ways at a railway station when Ben promised Hannah that he will marry her on the same day, four years from then! Continue reading “The Wedding Story of Hannah & Ben + Post-Wedding Shoot”