Nirmala & Ramesh Munipally’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Couple Session at Iconic Golconda Fort

I have photographed numerous couples in the last three years. A majority of them are young couples – about to be married or just married or young parents. It is indeed a very refreshing and delightful experience photographing two people head over heels in love. You can see the eagerness and anticipation they have to dive into the adventure of life that awaits them as a couple! I find a lot of love and admiration in their eyes. It is when couples are in this exciting phase of their lives, they book me! Continue reading “Nirmala & Ramesh Munipally’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Couple Session at Iconic Golconda Fort”


Ursula Family Snow Session

At each photo session, my goal is not just to take good pictures. My goal is to give my clients an experience – an experience that they can get lost in, love, laugh, cherish and be themselves. And to capture those moments so pure becomes my goal! Continue reading “Ursula Family Snow Session”

Michelle + Axel Pre-wedding Session

Who can relate to the first time you felt infatuated? Remember, the time you fell in love? Your heart longing to spend time with him/her? That excitement when you see your lover after a period of time? I am sure it is a feeling that cannot be described in words!

Looking back, that stage when I was 17 to 25 was a very exciting one. The whole idea of falling in love and finding ‘the person’ seemed like the only task in hand. Each time one of my friends were proposed to or mutually fell in love, we used to gather around them in our hostel rooms to listen to their story with wide eyes. Most times our conversations would run way past mid night. We bombarded them with questions like,

How does it feel to be love?

Did your heart really skip a beat?

Did you kiss?

What was it like?

We used to nag our friends until we were convinced they have shared every ounce of their story!

And then we used to watch romantic comedy movies for hours on end. Serendipity, Notting Hill, You’ve Got Mail, Sweet Home Alabama and Sleepless in Seattle were some of our super favourites! Those good looking actors, the romantic dialogues, the music and the cinematography would leave us all lovestruck sending each of us into dreamlands.

The reason I was flooded with these bygone memories is because a couple of weeks ago I got to photograph this very adorable couple who are engaged to be married this summer. It was the first Saturday of 2018. It was a super cold morning with the real feel around -8°C. Except for a few joggers, the vast gorgeous landscape of Hagaparken was at its picturesque best. The golden sun was peering through the ginormous bare trees. The glistening water, the meadow and the woods appeared like a painting. Michelle and Axel walked right into that painting!

Watching them both felt like one of my favourite romantic movies being playing out live in front of me. They were head over heels in love. You can just tell they were smitten with each other. To add to their chemistry there was this certain sweetness, innocence and simplicity in both that made photographing them a pure delight!

Here are some of my favourite moments from their pre-wedding session. Do not miss the video right at the very end!

Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-2Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-11Michelle_Axel_Stockholm_1Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-3Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-4Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-12Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-6Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-5Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-7Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-8Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-9Michelle_Axel_Prewedding_Stockholm-13 copy


When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the
yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt
through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen.

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand
the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to
be with one another. – Lang Leav

My best wishes to Michelle and Axel as they plan their dream wedding and a very very happy ever after!

Mira + Mathias Wedding

“Be true to what matters most to your heart.” – Cheryl Richardson

Over the last year in my photography journey, each individual, couple and family I was privileged to photograph have taught me something. Meeting Mira, getting to know her and photographing her wedding was an experience I will cherish for a long time!

MiraMathias_Wedding-121 copy

Mira is beautiful, intelligent and confident. A few weeks prior to the wedding, we met for fika (a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”) to discuss the wedding. As she briefed me about the sequence of events lined up on her wedding day, one thing was clear – this bride-to-be knew exactly what mattered the most to her and her fiancé!

MiraMathias_Wedding-126 copy

Right from their costumes, the ceremony to the sermon, everything was kept pure, simple and to the point. There was no distractions. Nothing unnecessary or fancy. All you could see and think of was the couple in love and two lives coming together as one.

MiraMathias_Wedding-136 copy

The emotions in Sundbybergkyrkan that warm summer afternoon was intense. From the start to the finish, love was in the air. There was laughter, smiles and tears of joy.

MiraMathias_Wedding-173 copy

Mira and Mathias had chosen just their very close family and friends to be a part of their wedding day. They were the ones who had witnessed the various milestones of their life and love. To begin this new chapter in their life in the company of such loved ones was truly a treasured moment!

MiraMathias_Wedding-224 copy

“What matters is how you live your life and not what you show for it!” – Jenny Sanford

MiraMathias_Wedding-315 copy

Today, weddings have become a commercial affair. It’s all about the glit, the glam, the ridiculously expensive price tags and everything one can imagine to show off. The heavy-duty price tag is always accompanied with heavy-duty stress!

MiraMathias_Wedding-325 copy

Most brides are so preoccupied and stressed out for months ahead of their wedding, they end up emotionally drained on their big day and miss out on the only thing that really mattered – to cherish that special moment of their love’s culmination!

MiraMathias_Wedding-338 copy

Some wise person rightly said, “All you need is love . . . and wine . . . and maybe some chocolate . . . and a nap. But mostly the love!”

MiraMathias_Wedding-361 copy

For Mira and Mathias, it was love, wine, chocolate and pizza with loads of laughter and hugs with their near and dear!

MiraMathias_Wedding-522 copy

Dear Bride-to-be, at the end of the day all that matters is the one you love, the ones who love you and all the little moments that are going to make your day the best day ever!

MiraMathias_Wedding-548 copy

Dear Mira and Mathias, wish you both a very happy ever-after filled with love, laughter and success in all that matters to your heart!

Watch and enjoy the candid moments from this beautiful wedding!

“We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most.” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

‘Farsdag’ Special Feature: Rajesh + Sudha Family Session

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” ― Antoine François Prévost d’Exiles, Manon Lescaut

Just like mothers, fathers are irreplaceable and they are the ones who build the very foundations of a family. His role stretches far beyond than being the provider of the family. Every move, word, action, smile, decisions he makes keeps stirring and shaping the lives he begot. Unfortunately, many fathers are either unaware or they underestimate the power and influence they have on their children.

While dads are often referred to as ‘Superheroes’ and ‘Superdads’, it subtly sets an expectation for men to attempt the impossible or the unattainable to get the approval and admiration of their wives and children. Contrarily, the fact of the matter is, what makes them ‘SUPER’ are the little things that they invest their love and time into!

With ‘Farsdag’ (Father’s Day in Swedish) around the corner, I wanted to share five seemingly insignificant attributes that sets apart SUPER-DADS!

A Super-Dad Values his Wife

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” – Henry Ward Beecher

The way a man values, honours and treats his wife with dignity will teach his son to respect and honour the women in the family and community. For a daughter who sees her dad valuing her mother, instills value and worth in herself. A super-dad will never ever consider his wife as a subordinate, but as his equal – his best half!


A Super-Dad Sees a Super Hero in his Child

A super dad doesn’t merely raise a good child, but a child who makes a good difference. Every parent strives to impart good moral values to their children, but the time has come for us to raise children who are taught to think beyond themselves – kids who can be considerate about the people and the need around them. A super-dad not only teaches his child to identify the needs, but shows how small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can make a massive difference! Thereby, nurturing the superheroes of tomorrow!


A Super-Dad is Human

“Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers – and fathering is a very important stage in their development.” ~  David M. Gottesman

A super-dad sets ‘excellence’ his goal and not perfection. A very crucial criteria required for excellence is to remain down-to-earth, owning mistakes and taking responsibility. For a father to accept his imperfection or mistakes and being open to feedback in front of his family will teach the kids that it is okay to stumble but it’s important to get back on the feet again. The emotional vulnerability a super-dad expresses shapes children who are more open and willing to learn and adapt!


A Super-Dad is Present

With the advancement of technology, most dads bring home their work and are inseparable with their gadgets. A super-dad knows when its time to keep the gadgets aside and enjoy the moment with his family. He is present when his child wants him to listen, converse or play. He is present not just physically, but invests all of himself in spending quality time.

“If we miss the moment, we miss the clues. In the present, when we allow ourselves to fully live there, we are restored, made wiser, made deeper and happier.” –Marianne Williamson


A Super-Dad Lives by Example

Today, parents set such surreal expectations for their children while their own actions are from the set expectations. That’s where a super-dad differs. He doesn’t just preach. He practices. It’s no longer his words that set the goals, but his very life becomes a testament to what he desires for his family.

“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Dads, reflect on these. These little things are what makes you a SUPER-DAD! Moms, sit with your kids and make a list of things that make your man a SUPER-DAD! He wouldn’t know it until you tell it! Make this Farsdag a very special and memorable one!

Enjoy this special feature of Rajesh and Sudha’s Fall Family Session! If you would like  one such session to celebrate this Father’s Day, CLICK HERE!

Rachel + David Fall Family Session

Two years ago, when I had just started out with my photography, I used to look at fall photographs of some American photographers in complete awe and amazement. Coming from a country where it is summer all year around and nature pretty much appears the same throughout the year, I was completely fascinated with the idea of leaves changing colours and thereby transforming landscapes with gorgeous tones of orange and yellow!


Last year, I witnessed my first fall season. It felt surreal. This is the second time I am experiencing this season and I must say, it still feels surreal! The way nature transforms itself so subtly into something so different and breathtaking is nothing but a miracle!


Obviously, it was one of my dreams to do a photoshoot in fall. And to my very pleasant surprise I inaugurated my first photoshoot in Sweden with a Fall Session in Hagaparken last October!


It’s been a year since. This fall I was privileged to photograph fourteen families in two days at the very same Hagaparken amidst this picturesque backdrop!


This year as I stood in Hagaparken with my camera, there was something more that overwhelmed me than the scenic colours of fall that surrounded me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for an amazing journey in photography over the last year. I have met people and been to places which I never dreamt or thought was possible. I feel greatly blessed to just do what I love. The freedom and satisfaction I find in photography is something I cannot put in words. To capture love, laughter, joy, romance, milestones, life and to know it is going to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond is more than a privilege!


2017 fall has almost passed. There are more leaves on the ground than on the trees. The first snow has fallen in Stockholm. Days are getting shorter. Winter is coming. The next change. The next season. I cannot wait to see what it holds! I believe greater days are ahead!


Photographing Rachel, David and their handsome little camera-ready one year old was an absolute delight! Here are glimpses from their Fall Session!

As each one of you transition from one season of life to another, this is what I wish for you,