Kamana + Gowri Documentary/Lifestyle Family Session, Hyderabad

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind


It is these feelings and emotions that I strive to capture in all my sessions.


I always try to look beyond the outward appearance when I meet my clients. In the brief moments prior to my session, when I interact with them, I try to get a peek into their personalities, their soul and the bond they share with each other.


Once I do, I work on designing moments that bring out their true selves!


So I not just capture people. I photograph moments and the feelings that stirs at that point in time.


So often, when I have showed the pictures to my clients, they remark in surprise saying, “I didn’t even realise this happened!”

Yes, there are numerous precious little moments that we take for granted and let them slip by. It is these timeless moments, I would like to capture and present to my clients!


My goal every single time, in every single picture is to evoke emotions in the viewer. I would like my photographs to be more than ‘good pictures’. I would like viewers to feel the feeling in the image.. feel the humanness, the reality and the perfection in imperfection!


As I stand there with my camera, looking through the viewfinder, seeing families fully alive, full of joy and life, I feel the most alive, the most purposeful and so fulfilled!


Spending an afternoon with Kamana, Gowri, Ekarth and Vedika was a once-of-a-kind experience!


We got acquainted with each other in no time. Before long I was capturing their life, their love and the precious bond they shared with each other as a spouse, as parents, as children and as siblings!


Kamana is a Lactation counsellor and BabyWearer who promotes sustainable living. She is one of the fearless individuals I have come across. Follow her and her husband Gowri on Instagram –




Vedika and Ekarth are seen here wearing 0 to 5 Clothing, a local Hyderabadi brand that creates chemical-free, organic clothing for children. Do check them out as well!


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Now sit back, turn on the volume, watch and enjoy the slideshow below!


Author: Michelle Job

Wife, Mommy, Photographer, Blogger, Dreamer, Wanderer! Loves life, people and places!

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