Rachel + David Fall Family Session

Two years ago, when I had just started out with my photography, I used to look at fall photographs of some American photographers in complete awe and amazement. Coming from a country where it is summer all year around and nature pretty much appears the same throughout the year, I was completely fascinated with the idea of leaves changing colours and thereby transforming landscapes with gorgeous tones of orange and yellow!


Last year, I witnessed my first fall season. It felt surreal. This is the second time I am experiencing this season and I must say, it still feels surreal! The way nature transforms itself so subtly into something so different and breathtaking is nothing but a miracle!


Obviously, it was one of my dreams to do a photoshoot in fall. And to my very pleasant surprise I inaugurated my first photoshoot in Sweden with a Fall Session in Hagaparken last October!


It’s been a year since. This fall I was privileged to photograph fourteen families in two days at the very same Hagaparken amidst this picturesque backdrop!


This year as I stood in Hagaparken with my camera, there was something more that overwhelmed me than the scenic colours of fall that surrounded me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for an amazing journey in photography over the last year. I have met people and been to places which I never dreamt or thought was possible. I feel greatly blessed to just do what I love. The freedom and satisfaction I find in photography is something I cannot put in words. To capture love, laughter, joy, romance, milestones, life and to know it is going to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond is more than a privilege!


2017 fall has almost passed. There are more leaves on the ground than on the trees. The first snow has fallen in Stockholm. Days are getting shorter. Winter is coming. The next change. The next season. I cannot wait to see what it holds! I believe greater days are ahead!


Photographing Rachel, David and their handsome little camera-ready one year old was an absolute delight! Here are glimpses from their Fall Session!

As each one of you transition from one season of life to another, this is what I wish for you,



Author: Michelle Job

Wife, Mommy, Photographer, Blogger, Dreamer, Wanderer! Loves life, people and places!

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