Fotomässan + Sthlm Food & Wine

Photography and food are two of my favorite things. When both come together, I go crazy!

That just happened last Sunday! It was the Annual Fotomässan and Sthlm Food & Wine!

The Fotomässan showcased a lot of products from leading camera companies (except Canon, which was slightly disappointing!), photographs of famous Swedish photographers, workshops and lot other inspiring stuff!

I also got to meet, Polina, a fellow momtog whom I follow on Instagram! It was an absolute pleasure meeting her and getting to know her!


Unfortunately (for me), all workshops were in Swedish and I couldn’t follow any! So I headed to the Sthlm Food & Wine where language is no barrier 😉

I am a cheese lover! I have spent endless hours watching every other program related to cheese on TLC. So to be there and taste a variety of cheese was a dream come true!


Olive Oil Tasting



Author: Michelle Job

Wife, Mommy, Photographer, Blogger, Dreamer, Wanderer! Loves life, people and places!

One thought on “Fotomässan + Sthlm Food & Wine”

  1. Food breaks all barriers Mich.. mouth watering pics of cheese! I’m literally drooling. The lady in the blue stripes shirt with the glasses taking that bite.. that’s me!
    As usual, beautiful pics!


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